Marianne – April 2023 – Ludovic Donnadieu – « A shock of administrative simplification is essential for international NGOs »
13 April 2023
Conférence Nationale Humanitaire 2023 – December 2023 – Ludovic Donnadieu’s contribution to the round table “Between the duty of accountability and the need for efficiency, what balance should be struck?”
3 January 2024

Humanitarian Alternatives – December 2023 – Ludovic Donnadieu – « Associations and their international public funders: reconciling accountability with efficiency in solidarity projects »

Résumé :
The administrative inflation in their dealings with donors is widely decried by NGOs. In the name of accountability, reporting procedures consume a great deal of time, energy and money. Here, the author calls for a kind of "simplification shock" that would bring donors' requirements more into line with the reality of solidarity structures.