fondation donnadieu

"culture gives youth
hope for a better future"

Fondation Donnadieu was created in 2023 under the aegis of the Fondation pour l'Enfance, in partnership with Donnadieu & Associés, on the initiative of Ludovic Donnadieu, its founder.

By organising innovative cultural events in France and abroad, Fondation Donnadieu aims to:

  • to enable young people, mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds, to develop their thinking, commitment and open-mindedness, so that they can better understand today's world and become responsible citizens involved in building a better future;
  • raise awareness among the general public and political decision-makers of the importance of culture for young people, so that they can play their full part in building the world of tomorrow.

Donnadieu & Associés is responsible for ensuring that the Foundation's funds are used properly and that its financial information is reliable, as part of a voluntary permanent audit assignment.